Thursday, March 26, 2015

music and speed.

have you ever been so frustrated because you really want that something but you know you could not have it?

because the decision is life decision.

you want to be all you wanted to be, but you know you just cant.

people keep on saying, be what you what to be, dare to be different.

but then, how you are suppose to combine all the thing you want in your life and just be successful and rich and all?

i have responsibilities, everyone have. 
i have to keep that in mind. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Writings do help to improve my emotion, like seriously, i loveeeeeeeeeee the positive vibes meliar liar merayap dalam diri sendiri.

and music, of course.

25th Feb huh? exactly 4 months from now, dah nak grad dah, honestly, i feel scared, sikit lah, ke banyak , entah lah.

i just hope everything will be awesome, for me and my friends.

Ya Allah, ease our journey.

Semoga nanti semua dapat capai impian.

Doesnt it feels good? Berjaya sama-sama.

I hope one fine day, kiteorg semua tengah duduk melepak sama sama sharing happiness , loveeee and success together, can't wait for that day to come.

The joy, when shared is indescribable.
Faces of happiness and positive vibes merata-rata.

Feeling dia, indah.

Pernah rasa?


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

20cent of my thought.

If two people are not meant to be together after so long,  people always said, how wasted all their time spent together.

honestly , i dont really think so.

even if it is a broken marriage.

It could be that those two people really have good time together ( yes, of course with rainbow unicorn ups and hell a lot of down ) but then,after trying so hard, they decide and agree that the relationship should end because they just dont have the chemistry.

they dont waste their time, they just took time to discover what really are the best for them.

well at least based on my opinion la, i know some would just said it still a wasted time.
but then, we dont hold the future, how are we suppose to know what is the best for us if we dont give it a try?

i think its matured.

to decide and to accept.

for me love doesnt always mean togetherness.

love is subjective, love can meant a lot of thing, and doesnt mean when two people decide to not be together they stop loving each other, it just, maybe, they love what they once had and decide it should end with another kind of love :)  

it hurts, but you know, any form of love ( read : friends , family, holiday, nature, hobbies ) is the best medicine for a brokenhearted.

we just need to learn to accept and not be a judge of other people's life.

Friday, January 23, 2015


I actually cried semalam bila sesat dekat KL.

Tak nak pun pergi KL, nak pergi Klang, tapi salah jalan, end up sesat kat KL and Waze make me more miserable, everytime waze refresh balik, kata salah jalan, i cried harder, sambil menyanyi kuat kuat dalam kereta. Boleh bayangkan tak over dia macam mana, hahaha.

It's dark, the road are busy with people yang nak balik kerja, dah dekat 3 jam dlm kereta, and i am not familiar at all with the places. It was a lot of U-turn, T-junction, and traffic lite and none of them are doing me good.

At some point, i just want to find nearby hotel, have my sleep , then asked people to pick me up.

I even asked myself, what if i give up? Drama sangat, sebab people sesat all the time, kan? Ke aku je sesat teruk pastu nangis, hahaha.

Because it is so frustrating, bayangkan, waze kata kau straight je, 15km nnt kau akan jumpa exit, you are super excited sebab, ye lah, this nightmare will end soon, tapi it was a hell long of 15km.  instead of straight, sebenarnya ada cabang kiri ke kanan, tp waze kata straight so kau terpaksa buat pilihan, pastu salah, kalau sekali takpe, ni 4 5 kali. Kau rasa bengang dengan waze, tp kau kena hadap jugak sebab tu je lah harapan, kalau tak, mau ke JB aku. hahaha.

But, that is life kan?

every path we choose, don't expect to be familiar,bear in mind it is not a straight easy road and it is definitely not in your comfort zone, it will make you break, both physically and mentally, yes, you can cried, but don't you ever give up.


Monday, January 12, 2015

6 months to go.

Enam bulan lagi, i am closer to my dreams. 
Nak grad dah hoi ! 

Aku baca balik content blog blog ni, gilaa, nak menitik air mata.

Hahahahaha, apa emo sangat aku ni dulu.
But, somehow it reminds me of all the thing i've been through, the choices and all the people in it. 

One thing for sure, people do come and go.

and i think its kinda personal, all the writings. 

I am a happy person actually, a happy person yang kurang pandai sikit bergaul dengan manusia, hahahahaha. 

and i've noticed, last week is one of a hell week for me. Its like " Hello, this week ialah pertandingan siapa nak sakitkan hati Ryu , come and join. " 

A lot of secret revealed, tears, and backstabber and betrayal, tapi tapi tapi, its funny though, i didnt really talk about it. I just cried,berbaldi baldi. Then, sorted my friend list, in my life la, not in facebook. 

but to most of it, i did nothing. i just fix anything that i think worth fixing, and then the rest i just let it. Some dont even know i knew what they did, lol.

The pain is still there,no kidding. but i just dont think its worth fixing. 

i guess its true, people just get stronger. 

and i learn, some thing , in our life *tarik nafas* are meant to be broken.